About Founder

Founder VG.Paneer Selvam is police officer served as Assistant Commissioner of police in Tamil Nadu. He has put in 30 years of service and he has served throughout the state in all работа москва districts. He has been awarded 10 meteoric service entries and 125 good service entries and also got encomium from the court for investigation of 59 игровые автоматы на реальные деньги с выводом murder cases which ended in conviction successfully with life and hacking.

He also served several robbery cases and he was awarded rewards by the superior police officers. Then he was serving in food cell vigilance in Cuddalore districts. He has intercepted more than 30 lorries which carried smuggled public distribution bads that were seized and all the criminals were booked and they were under smuggling of public distribution paddies.

His mission is to impact training to the young sub-inspectors, IPS officers and the civil service aspirants and his experience will be important in the physical training as well as written examination training & interview training.

He is a certified trainer who will also give training to the women and other young people for public safety, leadership training and public speaking training with self-confidence training also will be given in the soft skill training also will be imparted* by him.

And his mission is to create future uniformed service people elited with the knowledge to attend the examination and come out with success.

V G Pannir Selvam