Our teachers

Mr. mathiazhagan M.A. B.L.,

Mr. mathiazhagan M.A. B.L., is a principal wisdom school chaiyar. He has put in 30 years of teaching service and he is qualified administrative teacher who can take subject in History

Sundari M.A.,

Sundari M.A., she is a foreign return from united states. She is very well in the english language to the aspirants and also she is a public speaking course trainer and who has created


Elango is additional superintendent of police intelligence from Chennai. He has served 30 years in the Intelligence Bureau and Investigation Department. He also has taken classes for I.A.S…


Venkatesh is a senior manager in IBM Chennai, who is specialized in soft skills training like leadership training, Self-confidence, Time management and everything…

Muruganandam M.A.,

Muruganandam M.A., Deputy Superintendent Of Police, Police Training College has served in Tamil Nadu Police for 30 years. He is well worsed in law subjects as well as different subject for the…

Ashokan D.S.P.,

Ashokan D.S.P., He is a fingerprint bureau expert and he has deducted so many cases for fingerprint and he is also taking classes for appearing I.A.S. I.P.S., aspirants.


Vinayagam is Deputy Superintendent Of Police from Tamil Nadu police. He is taking law subject Indian Penal Code, constitution and criminal code and all the law subjects. Apart from…